Making metaverse + commerce a reality

Shōri is a Metaverse platform, realizing Metaverse Commerce, and then leveraging those assets to allow anyone to build the Metaverse through a community driven play-to-earn environment.

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Commerce Platform

The commerce platform can be thought of in the form of virtual showrooms, allowing companies to replace physical and web2 storefronts with cost competitive virtual stores.

Brands will be able to offer customers a more immersive experience. Factories will be able to sell direct to customer without physical showrooms. Architects, interior designers, builders, etc. will be able to create exactly what they can think of without the need to invest in complex programs.

The initial goal of the commerce platform is growth: onboarding as many partners as possible, and building a deep depository of 3D assets and tech that can be used on the Metaverse Platform.

Metaverse Platform

When it comes to creating AAA games, or expansive virtual worlds, 80%+ of the development costs are typically associated with "art" (digital assets).

Shōri's open world Metaverse will leverage the commerce tech and assets into a repository, subsidizing a significant portion of Metaverse development. Simplified, if the commerce platform generates $100M in revenue, that's up to $100M in assets put into the virtual world.

Using this repository, the community will be able to play-to-earn, building out an open world that's representative of what the community wants most. To start, Shōri will provide most of the programming and art development, with the end goal of structuring into a DAO where the world is community driven and owned.


Creating 3D Environments Leveraging Commerce Assets and Tech
of profit towards Commerce Platform Development
50% towards
Metaverse Platform
of sale goes towards expanding the Metaverse Platform
towards Metaverse Platform rewards


Maximilian Gora
Metaverse + Commerce
Oleg G.
Unreal Engine Lead
Andrew H.
3D Art Director
Amon Hanshaw
Metaverse + Commerce
Greg Rutkowski
Head of E-Commerce
Natan Sojko
Head of Traditional Partnerships
Allen Liu
Head of 3D Architecture/Design
Jeremy William
Head of Business Development
Metaverse + Commerce
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